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Method of Cartilage Regeneration Using Cell Sheet Technology Developed by School of Medicine Professor Masato Sato Approved for Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Advanced Medical Care B Category

At a Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare advanced medical care joint meeting (the 71st Advanced Medical Care Meeting and 80th Advanced Medical Technology Review Committee Meeting) held on January 10, a cartilage regeneration method using cell sheet technology developed by Professor Masato Sato (Department of Orthopaedics, School of Medicine) and others was judged suitable for the category Advanced Medical Care B. After undergoing university and ministry-level procedures, the first cell sheet regenerative treatments in the world will begin for patients with cartilage defects who are candidates for high tibial osteotomies to treat osteoarthritis of the knee.

The treatment method that was approved for the category Advanced Medical Care B regenerates knee joint cartilage in patients with knee osteoarthritis by transplanting cartilage cell sheets created from cultures of the patient's own cells. Knee osteoarthritis pain occurs when the knee joint cartilage is worn away due to aging, obesity, or bowed legs, leading to inflammation and deformation. The disease is difficult to treat and causes intense knee pain. As the disease advances, movement becomes difficult, and the patient's quality of life suffers greatly. There is concern that the number of patients will surge as the population ages, and the development of a fundamental treatment was eagerly awaited.

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